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30 years ago, the events of 1989 redrew the political map of Europe, affecting the lives of millions. Looking at those historical moments and their aftermath from today’s perspective what role did the year 1989 play in your life? Do you have an experience or a memory of 1989? Maybe you immigrated to the UK, maybe you have family memories, maybe you have another story to tell. WHATEVER IT IS, WE WANT TO HEAR IT!

By sharing the personal stories of people who experienced the changes we now tend to take for granted, the Touching 1989 project aims to create a collective memory of 1989 to improve the understanding of Europe today and to learn more about each other.

We’re looking for people from all backgrounds and of all ages with personal links to 1989 events and currently living in the UK to participate in this new video project. 

To take part in TOUCHING 1989 record a video (no longer than two minutes) of yourself responding to one of the following questions and send it in. (Please see guidelines and additional information below.) 

  • What is your personal experience of the events of 1989? 
  • How did the 1989 events affect your life?
  • What does the year 1989 mean to you?

Make a video

• Pick one question, prepare your answer in ENGLISH and record. The answer shouldn’t exceed 2 minutes. 
• Use a digital camera or a smartphone or iPad.
• Record one single video of yourself or ask someone to make a video of you.
• Film horizontally. Record the video in landscape format at a resolution of at least 1080 px (pixels) (iPhones & iPads should work just fine).
• Make sure your face is visible and start by introducing yourself (name, country of origin).
• If possible, hold or have in the background a memento/something that reminds you of 1989 (newspapers, keys, toy, postcards, photo of yourself from that time, etc.).
• Use a microphone if you have it.
• Make sure that the audio is clear, so that others can understand – try to avoid recording in noisy places.
• Record the video in one of the following formats: mov, mp4 or avi.

Send your recording

Send the file via WeTransfer marked as YOUR FIRST NAME_TOUCHING 1989 to togetherwith a current photograph and two lines about yourself.

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